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Boston's fluffiest sweetheart, therapy dog, and philanthropist, Harvard Dangerfield, recently underwent surgery to remove one large and two small tumors. While the two small tumors are benign, the large tumor turned out to be malignant trichoepithelioma. 

Thanks to Harvard's incredible surgeon, the malignant tumor was removed completely and with clear borders. Harvard underwent further diagnostic testing, which at first pointed to metastatic disease, but was later determined by a radiologist to not be cancer! Harvard has plans to meet with an oncologist next, as the type of malignancy he has is very rare. 

Harvard's stitches were removed and the incision is healthy, and Harvard's fur is slowly growing back in! Now that the incision is healed and stitches are out, Harvard is finally allowed to run and leap and play again - and he is SOOO happy! We think Harvard has an extra pep in his prance now that the tumor is gone! 

Our goal for Harvard is to live out his life as happy and healthy as possible, and further diagnostic testing and consults will give us the best idea of how to make that happen for Harvard.

Thank you so much for all your support, both financially and emotionally - knowing Harvard has an army of supporters gives us strength and comfort. Thank you!! 

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