Harvard in the Media



Harvard in the Media

We get up close and personal with Sir Harvard Dangerfield, the local celebrity known for his selfies and his personal brand of pet therapy.
This local celeb probably has more followers than you, and maybe one of the best instagram names we’ve seen: Sir Harvard Dangerfield... a dog with ethics.
— J.C. Mohahan & Shayna Seymour


Harvard and his fur-family are featured in Animal Planet's DOGS 101 episode about Samoyeds! 
Can you tell which pup he is?


Known as the "Smiling Sammy", the people-loving Samoyed is one of the few dogs that are close to the true dog breed.


Harvard is about more than just looking cute and socializing. His celebrity status comes from the effect he has on people as a veritable ‘therapy dog.’
“Harvard puts out love, he radiates love,” Magno said, “and that’s what makes him the most special dog in the world.”
— Beth Treffeisen, NewBostonPost

Grumpy Cat memed her way into her own Christmas movie. New York City’s Marnie the Dog regularly receives invitations from celebrities. Here in Boston, an 11-year-old Samoyed and his owner can’t walk the streets of Back Bay without being stopped by onlookers for petting and pictures...
— Andrew Husband, BDCwire

Harvard Dangerfield Dominated the Marathon Finish Line
With His Good Vibes

When the going got ruff, he brought pawsitive energy.

The most famous dog in Boston was at the marathon finish line today to cheer people on...
— Jodie Ng, Boston.com

When you’ve been a successful show dog (a champion at age 4) it’s not easy convincing everyone that you’re really just a regular guy. Harvard is friendly, approachable, and always willing to “high five” a buddy...
— Penny & Ed Cherubino, BostonZest.com

Harvard Dangerfield


Abigail O'Neall


Boston’s most famous dogs support the Marathon runners, too

"Monday morning, some of Boston’s most Instagram-famous dogs participated in that online buzz, paws-ing to show their support for this year’s runners."

- Emily Anderson, Boston.com

... and you’ll go through all that trouble for a t-shirt... and a beer...maybe some daps from Bear Grylls... and a headband. Which your dog is probably gonna steal anyway.
— Matt Kiebus, BuzzFeed.com


Boston Marathon 2015 Live Blog

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12:26 p.m.
It takes a special kind of hardiness to stand outside in sketchy weather and cheer on the winners. Luckily, this guy’s got it.