Last call to donate to my 12th Birthday Pawty Fundraiser! 🎈❤️🎉 (Fundraiser officially closes Wednesday, June
22nd) 🐻Update from Harvard: Hi friends! I have been super busy supporting
mom while she has been studying for her pediatric NP board exam - it takes
expert foot-snuggling skills to make sure she stays seated & focused,
and expert nudging skills to remind her to stretch her legs every now and
then. My health has been excellent - the tumor is calming down and I have
been super playful! My next check-up is in 2 weeks, and that's when we
decide if the tumor needs to be removed and if I am healthy enough for
surgery or not. Until then, I may not be as active on social media, but
don't worry - it's only because I'll be busy supporting mom! Also, stickers
should be mailed out at the end of next week - I'll let you know when so
you can keep an eye out for the mail person! Thank you everyone!!