only is it irresponsible, inconsiderate, disgusting, and illegal to not
pick up after your dog, it's harmful to humans, dogs, and the environment.
1. Dog poop contains these dangerous pathogens: campylobacteriosis,
salmonellosis, toxocarisis (roundworms), coccidia, cysticerosis
(tapeworms), E.coli, parvo, giardia. Not only can humans and other dogs
become severely ill from these, your dog can be re-infected by it's own
poop (your dog WILL step in it at some point, and then your dog WILL hop
into your bed with microscopic pathogens on their paws - good luck) 2.
Violation of the Pooper Scooper Law in Boston is punishable by a fine of
$50.00 for each occurrence (and when I find out who's not picking up their
dog's poop on my street, I will make my mom report you!). 3. Bacteria in
dog poop left on streets, sidewalks, grass, etc. pollutes your local water
supply. Wastewater treatment systems are not designed to filter dog poop,
which means all those pathogens end up in your beaches, lakes, streams, and
drinking water. (Also, dog poop can NOT be used as fertilizer & is
harmful to trees & plants, so stop telling yourself that by not picking
up your dog's poop you are helping Mother Nature) Please always bag your
dog's poop and dispose of properly, EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING! And if you
see someone ignore their dog's poop, do as I do and politely (with a
helpful smile) ask that person if they need a baggie, and 100% of the time
they will decline because they have baggies that they will sheepishly use
after being called-out (or that one time I pooped so many times on a walk
that I ran out of baggies and my mom asked a man getting into his car
parked on the street if he had a plastic bag in his car that she could use,
and he did!) Thank you for your help in keeping our paws clean and our
humans healthy!